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Art has always been at the apex in Om's life. Being an artist was his inner calling always. Started his career as an Engineer, but Om never found solace in this field; his heart laid among his papers and pencils. He picked up sketching as a hobby in his childhood, being a native of a small vilage Babhalgaon near Latur, Maharashtra; it was difficult for him to choose his career in Art. But his dedication and firm determination, with support from family and friends; Om made the choice of giving up his high-paying job to enter the world of Art. Since then, he has participated in many exhibitions, and his work has been bought by people all over the world, mainly USA. 

His journey has not been an easy one. He considers himself a learner everyday and continues to experiment. Taking up graphite and charcoal and immersing in the technique of hyperrealism was one such experiment in his early days; the essence of black and white, and the quality to bring out volume, depth and light with just two colours still fascinates him. His work speak a different emotion, it has an alluring simplicity yet the grandeur of life. 

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